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Putting Society First in Social and Criminal Reform

Society-First educates the public on the rippling effects of mass incarceration on every citizen whether they have been the victim, perpetrator, incarcerated, or a taxpaying citizen. The reforms of one group affect us all, and therefore we aim to make information our strongest ally in the fight that most do not even know exists.

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What is the Solution?

Society-First Offers:

'Ready or Not'

The following proposal is a thorough plan of action that brings true reform. One that the legislators need not stress the restructuring of decades of old sentencing statutes. True reform will come by creating legislation for Incentivized Parole that gives pardoning power over any mandatory minimum, juvenile, elderly, sick, first time offender, and any other specialized category of offender who is a proven product of change.

Our concern should not be whether an offender is labeled as violent or non-violent, but whether they are Ready...Or Not to be released back into society.

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Letter to the Victims

It is our hope that you can find a way to collectively forgive the person who caused you or your loved one harm. We hope that you will see that after serving at least twenty years of their life sentence, many lifers are remorseful and not likely to commit another horrific crime.

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Future Services Including:

  • Public Surveys
  • Curriculum for Family of the Incarcerated
  • After School Programs
  • Training for Mentors of Inmates
  • Reformation Planning
  • Virtual Representation of New Corrections System
  • Creation of Society Centers for Those in Need

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  • Public Advocacy
  • Curriculum for the Incarcerated - Healing and Restoration
  • Social Media Announcements
  • Podcast
  • Annual Conferences
  • Programs at Correctional Facilities
  • Advocating to End Life Sentences

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